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    Ben Camilleri
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    Hi All,

    I am aware some are not familiar with how to add images to their posts.

    Adding inline images

    You can link to external images. There is an image icon on the toolbar of the topic/reply textbox and when you click it you are presented with a window asking for the URL of the image you would like to link too. If its a meme or other online image you can simply paste in the remote URL of the image. however if you want to add images from your computer you need an image/file hosting solution.

    There are a number of image/file hosting solutions out there which are free, I have listed some common ones below to make it easier for you. You will need to sign up to one of them to get an account and then you can store your images there and link to them.

    Dropbox – Image/File Hosting system (You can install a local client which allows easy uploading of images from your PC)
    imgur – Image Hosting system (Plenty of 3rd Party applications to allow you to upload easily and quickly to imgur)

    Featured Images

    Featured images are a bit of extra cool where you can put your own little flavour on the topic by setting the header image background like below:

    To set this featured image all you need to do it add an image attachment to your post. the first image attached is the one used as the featured image.

    Happy Posting!


    Kevin Zhou
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    Using images from Flickr

    For people using Flickr as their photo hosting system this is how you add photos using the method Ben described above (can’t just copy and paste url straight from browser like you do for imgur unless I’m mistaken)

    copy and paste the link in between [ img] and ending at [ /img]
    e.g. this image was: [ img][ /img]


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