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    Gday guys, I’m Brent and this is #brz00h

    The Story Begins…

    My story begins after seeing one drive past for the first time and thinking “I’ve gotta have that”. As I sat in my 2001 Toyota Celica on my daily commute to work, most days at the same intersection I’d see the same BRZ drive past. “That’s your younger brother” I’d say to the old girl, as I told myself I’d trade it in one day. And sure enough tragedy struck. My beloved black Celica was t-boned and written off. I lost my car earlier than expected, and seized the opportunity to try out a Forrester. Despite being a solid vehicle, it just wasn’t the same. I knew I had to get myself an 86.

    One day I went into the Toyota dealer and requested a test drive, but they refused as you needed to “make a booking”. I took a brochure and started planning. GTS Aero Kit, Mt Fuji Red. I booked a test drive for a month’s time. Fete seemed to have other plans. I work interstate a lot, and this particular fortnight was quite chaotic. Leaving for Adelaide on Sunday, returning home on Saturday and then flying off to Perth the next Sunday left me with 15 hours in my house. But knowing on the Saturday, at 2pm sharp, I’d be testing an 86 kept me sane. On the Friday while in Adelaide, I got a devastating phone call. The dealer had sold their demo model, and had to reschedule. I booked it in for the following 2 weeks, but it wasn’t enough. I rang Subaru and asked to take their BRZ for a spin, which they said they would reserve for me between 3-4pm on the Saturday.

    I promptly started looking into the differences between the 86 and the BRZ, and stumbled across the “limited edition”. This seemed to be fairly low-key, not much in the ways of promotion. At Subaru, the salesman took me for a spin. The moment I got in the passenger seat, I started smiling. After he finished, he handed me the keys, told me to have fun, and walked back into the showroom. As I’m about to drive off, he reminds me to turn on VSC Sport. I barely drove for 15minutes before screaming back into the showroom and asking where to sign. As we’re speccing up the car, I ask about the limited edition. Short story even shorter, I’m laying down a deposit, still smiling.

    And there you have it. The story of how I ended up with a BRZ over the 86. Do I have any regrets? Nope. Would I change anything? Absolutely. Its really easy to find 86 merch, not so much BRZ :(


    What makes #brz00h different to other cars?

    Below is the list of what I’ve done to the car, and also details on the how/why for each

    <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Cosmetics</span>

    STi front lip, side skirts, rear pods + diffuser – These came with the Limited Edition pack from factory. Although, due to a stupid moment in a car park I destroyed a side skirt. I have since bought replicas from CT Auto Parts with the only difference being a lack of STi badge

    White GT Stripes – Came from factory, and the main selling point for me on the Limited Edition

    Smoked Valenti taillights + reverse light – I felt the smoked look complimented the black colour of the car. The Valenti style works well with the GT stripes

    Auto folding mirrors – Literally just so I can tell if my car is locked or not by looking at it

    Smoked indicator lights – On the black car, the side indicators in the wheel arch just look a little funny. The smoked look returns it to a cleaner

    <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Performance</span>

    STi 17″ Enkei rims – Came from factory, and look pretty good as it is

    STi short shifter kit – Another factory option with the Limited Edition pack

    skunk2 cold air intake – Marketing fluff really got me on this one. Does a decent enough job, and stands out in the engine bay, but since tuning I’ve regretted it ever since. Wish I researched a little bit harder and stuck with my stock + k&n panel filter. Oh well

    Borla UEL headers – Because I have a Subaru, I wanted the Subie rumble. This ruled out ACE headers, despite them kicking serious arse. I then determined all headers (aside from ACE) were delivering roughly the same results, so it came down to sound. I heard a clip of the Borlas, and went with them

    Eibach Pro Kit springs – All I wanted to do with the suspension was feel more connected to the road, and drop the car just a little bit lower. The Eibachs delivered a 1″ drop, which was what I was after. Since putting them on the car has felt a little bit stiffer and connected to the road, while not really compromising on comfort

    IXA Battle Tune – After installing the headers, I needed the tune to get the performance gains. I also found out that the nasty torque dip was eliminated by headers + tune too. The IXA boys came at strong recommendation from the club, and its easy to see why. Solid tune. They make the car feel like how it should’ve came from factory


    What’s next?

    At the 2016 Festival of 86 I was lucky enough to win the STi steering + rear suspension upgrade bolts pack. These will be going in shortly :D

    I’m also debating on investing in the Harrop supercharger, but after the most recent skidpan I’m leaning towards keeping the car NA.


    Plenty of pictures can be seen on or even searching for the #brz00h

    Thanks for reading, I’m off to go wash the car again


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    Great to see you sharing your story Brent! Look forward to the next mods going on and you topping the charts at motorkhana! =D

    fyi – I believe the Eibach pro’s are only 1″ drop… I have the same =P


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    D’oh… I get the two confused and can’t even remember which provide what drop. I’m even lost on what ones I have – but regardless I highly rate them :D

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