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    well where to start….


    it all started in 2009 with leaks of Toyotas new sports car, then progressed to joint venture then, more spy articles, Toyota prototype releases.


    to cut a very long story short…… I fell in love with the 86, it offered everything I wanted in a car….Light, RWD, boxer, sportscar, goodlooks, etc

    I didn’t want all the fancy trimmings, heated seats, climate control, etc….. so based on that I wanted the GT spec…..and it Had to be Orange, nothing else..

    after ordering in june 2012 on price release date, hearing the waiting list grow and grow, my original August delivery Blew out to jan 13,  but my dealer managed to secure me an extra allocation in my specs and I took delivery…..

    so the next few weeks/months spent trolling the net for aftermarket support and seeing very little to begin with, I found myself liking the stock package more and more, and with not wanting to initially modify too much outside of general mods…

    2 months after picking it up I competed in my very first Motorkhana event, and learnt very quickly that controlling  the car was an art….. and keeping that balance of speed and control was a fine line,

    so after taking my first ever trophy for a showNshine, (pic) and being soooo surprised by that, I wanted to get more involved it is soo much fun, safe, and lets me let go of all the life stresses, I strive to learn as much as I can when the opportunity arises, and being so far from syd and SMSP, wakefield, my only option is motorkhana event beit 86 club or other, I try to get in as much as I can without upsetting family life balance.


    Festival of 86 was definitely a highlight in the first 6mnth of ownership…


    then the time came for the first mods, and the mod wishlist after seeing in the flesh Ben Camo’s supercharged build, Kalens Turbo beast, Josh Leasks rally 86……. I know I want to do something, but not follow the trend, so my plans wont come into fruition until a while as it is not logistically or logically necessary to do straight away, as the 86 is my daily. so mods done in the meantime will be stages that will all come together in the late stages of the build…

    I learnt from previous builds that not all ideas and wants work, and the cars kinda took on their own persona and the build kind of just took its own course and I was surprised and amazed with the outcomes, so I am expecting this build with the 86 to be much the same, so I am excited and anxious to see how it all pans out,  I have an idea in my head and a visual of what I want, however knowing these things it will still be a surprise to see how it all comes together……


    having said all that and hoping I didn’t bore you too much let me get onto the mod list, current and future

    Current Mods…


    • Work XD9 18×8 front, 18×9 rear +38 5×100 in bronze, wrapped in 225/40/18 Achilles ATR sport rubber
    • StreetFX slimline numberplate bracket
    • gopro mounts in various positions
    • Carbon Fibre GT wing with custom made mounting feet and Legs resembling the 86 logo and badge..
    • D4S black fender Garnishes


    • OEM rubber floormats


    • Clarion DDin DVD
    • blaupunkt 6.5″ shallow mount splits (front)
    • Kenwood 12″ woofer
    • 4channel amp (of no importance atm)


    • stock


    • Grimspeed oil filler cap


    • Coilovers
    • engine mods/Conversion
    •  suspension and body bracing
    • bodykit
    • interior mods to suit
    • stereo continuation

    Ben Camilleri
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    Nice post, I will sub to keep up with updates :)


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    ok well a more detailed look at the custom GT wing legs and Mounting feet….


    to start with I went with 5mm alloy plate, and it took me a while to come up with a design but I managed and settled on a design that roughly emulated the piston badge….. beit a little bit skewed and vertical but the resemblance is there….. and I hope you all see that in the design, if not I failed miserably….


    consisting of 5mm alloy plate, and cut using a waterjet, ( vid to come)

    Mounting feet are 26mm rod cut down and machined with counter sunk bolts, tapped threads to eliminate unsightly nuts, and a channel cut for the legs to slot in…..I quite like em and the custom touch and manufacturing gives me something out of the ordinary and unique they still need slight tweaking but I am very happy with them, I originally wanted to get Piston like feet and that still may be a possibility but for now these are fine…..


    I have loads more pictures, and as I spoke before about the build taking its own course… example of that was the fact that I bought this wing 5 years ago with the intention of putting it onto my Celica but alas it was too big and obnoxious so it never got on……. but holding onto it for the last 5 years and disagreeing with the Mrs about getting rid of it, turns out divine powers were at work, because despite the timeframe it is I feel a perfect match for the 86 Athsetically, its not as efficient as I would like it to be but it definitely works, how good or bad is to be determined, and more then likely sometime next year I will have the chance to test at either drags or track day,




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    Fantastic write up, great to see the story told rather than just a list :)


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    one of my runs from the multiclub motorkhana challenge in Canberra, finished 4th in class, 11th overall /30 entrants


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    well a few updates  no mods to car motorsport and photo update……..

    so Travelled to our nations capital here in aus..(ACT)…. to compete in a multiclub motorkhana event, made a weekend of it and stayed in a hotel with the wife and took her out to dinner due to it all falling on our wedding anniversary….. so had to be a good hubby and spoil her a little so she would let me go do skids all day……

    also stopped off at a favourite spot for photo’s and a very popular spot with car heads to a scenic shot of their pride and joy…….


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    annually there is a charity event, and I attended for the 2nd year,

    this year was a meet and greet with around 150 cars, only mine was an 86…lol, the rest were  cadilacs, mustangs, torana’s, kingswoods, mostly muscle and classic cars with some hotrods thrown in the mix, afterwards we did the usual town LAP and donated to charities, Riding for disabled and CAN ASSIST,

    well he is the only pic of my car that I didn’t take myself….

    so looking forward to festival of 86 this year, and looking forward to getting some tracktime and competing in more motorkhana and driving events next year…..






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    A brand that certainly evolve too far from our expectation.

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