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    Summary from Facebook discussion on Buy/Swap/Sell page.


    Motul 300 for the diff

    Diff is gl5
    Box is gl4
    Says in book box is gl3
    Adam Brzica  And it also says gl4 is okay if meets the same grade requirements
    Thane Irwin  Both diff and gearbox are Gear 300 Not LS variant. Normally a GL5 oil is highly reccommended not to be used in our gearbox but gear 300 has the required stuff with the GL4/5 rating to not destroy our syncros like other gl5 oils will.
    Simon Szeto  If it’s a standard diff, yes Gear 300 but if it’s LSD it should be Gear 300 LS?
    Thane Irwin  Ours aren’t Clutchpack diffs nor are they a true LSD. We have Torsen diffs which means LS is pointless. 4L of 300 will do gearbox and diff with a bit spare. But by all means waste $40 if you are keen on 5 bottles.
    Thane Irwin  LS isn’t required but sure waste money. and but 5 bottles instead of 4. Your money to pour down the drain. Again we have no clutchpacks. Standard Gear 300 is what literally every person on earth uses. I’m sure some office guy went on lsd righto without looking into it.
    Recommended capacity is 2.2L for trans and 1.2L for diff (standard or LSD)
    Lucas Mc    Thane is right, running Gear 300 in box and diff, as are a few others who track their cars regularly; no issues at all after many kilometres travelled. LS isn’t really required.
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