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    Registered On: 11/04/2016
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    Hey guys, just wondering how long it usually takes to get your membership package after paying, paid almost 2 months ago and still nothing.



    Registered On: 02/04/2017
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    I paid for membership under Emrah Evir I think yesterday or the day before so I heard you get it within 3weeks or so, but I never got a receipt via my personal email that I paid, but I proof that I paid through paypal so I might follow it up after 3weeks or so.


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    You get an email confirmation within the month as memberships get processed once a month (so depending on timing, it could be just a few days after you’ve paid or a couple of weeks). All the details are outlined in the email including your benefits and vouchers.

    Your cards are custom printed and done in batches throughout the year. You are welcome to get your stickers and keyrings, etc in advance – all you have to do is ask =) By default you will get your pack once the cards are ready

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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