Simba – the sonic blue + bubblegum Pink 86

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    After Mufasa (my old Barina) got written off about a month ago, I had to buy a car…it was either going to be an Alfa or an 86…around the corner (well up the road) from my house was a wonderful Automatic (wish I knew how to drive manual) Sonic Blue 86 being sold at Ferguson’s Toyota. I scheduled a time for me to go test-drive him on a Sunday, but it was love at first sight with Simba and I couldn’t let go. Plenty of money + eagerness and a whole load of love later, Simba came home with me the next day.

    What he looked like day 1

    The very same day I bought Simba, I purchased new plates (every wise woman should man proof her car, right?) and I had also discussed with Nick (the dealer who sold me my car) that I won’t start any mods till 6 months down the track…I thought to myself, “plates aren’t mods and not pricey, should be fine”.

    But it didn’t stop there – a never ending list of what I wanted to change started to build up: Tail lights, exhaust, aesthetics (stripes, fogs), body kit, lowering, 18″ wheels, brakes, suspension….but my biggest dilemmas are what to go for! (All advice is much appreciated)

    3 weeks on, Simba is a true man proudly shining in his pink armour. I installed my blue hue Valenti Style Tail lights on Wednesday and got my racing stripes done on Thursday at Cyber Motorsports in Carlton. They also did a great job with the black toyota emblems (which might soon change to diamante ones shipped from the US). Now truly considering pink callipers but not sure if I should wait til I upgrade to 18″ wheels and change the brakes.

    Nearly done at Cyber MotorSports

    I’m really unsure of what exhaust I want – I don’t want tooooo loud as Simba is my everyday use car and I don’t want him to annoy me with a rough sound – comfort is key to everything I am looking for with Simba.

    Looking for thoughts, but I’ve got my heart set on a STI kit which I’ve shopped around for and been advised that I can get the same BRZ one but to fit onto the 86 (YAY).

    Still a long way to go with this beauty – all advice on what others think/have done with their cars would be seriously appreciated!


    Other images (p.s. the wheel pinstripes have since been removed as they don’t match)


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    Nice & bold! Welcome :)

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