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    —from facebook. Josh Coote from MCA—

    wheel alignments aren’t as complex as many make them out to be..not for just a good 8 out of 10 setup anyway, which is plenty for 90% of people.

    Decent track setup below.

    Camber – 2-3 degrees for road tyres / 3-5 degrees for semi slicks
    Toe – 1mm OUT per side

    Camber – not adjustable on 86s normally, but 1-2 degrees should be fine
    Toe – 1.5mm IN per side</span></span>

    And I just use the Tyre wear to tell me if I need more or less camber, at the end of the day, that tells you how the tyre surface is being used.. which is what camber is all about.

    We don’t even use temps on the Hammerhead Time Attack car. You’d only maybe bother with temps if you had live data. If you are only checking it once you come in.. don’t bother, temps are constantly trying to equilize across the tyre, so by the time you’ve done an in lap, parked and then go out of the car, they’ll be out already.. yes you could possibly maybe try use it as a guide.. but the tyre wear is a far better guide.</span></span>

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